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Name:IITS Eventlist Plugin 0.7e / 0.8d

With this plugin it is possible to show Eventlist Events in the content. You can show a category, a venue or singe events. It's possible to show or hide columns and to filter the events.

You will find the instructions inside the plugin parameters or here: Italian,Spanish

After the payment you will be able to download a ZIP-file, which you have to extract. This file contains two versions of the plugin. The version 0.7x is for Eventlist 1.0 and the version 0.8x is for Eventlist 1.1.


You have to buy the plugin, but you decide yourself how much you would like to pay for it. (min 1,19€)
For every Euro you pay, you get a 10 day update-service. This means, pay 3€ and you will be able to download updates for one month, pay 6€ for two month, and so on.

If you don't like to pay, but you can help me in an other way e.g. give me a backlink or make a new translation - write me an email
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