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Install Instructions for Dropbox Component Print E-mail
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  1. Go to Dropbox or Sugarsync and create a account (if you already have an account jump to step 4)
  2. download and install the Dropbox or Sugarsync Software
  3. follow the instructions to link your computer to the sync service.
  4. download the Joomla Dropbox Component
  5. unzip
  6. log into your joomla administration interface
  7. navigate to Extensions->Install / Uninstall and install the file
  8. navigate to Components->Dropbox
  9. Click to "New"
  10. Select if you would like to use Sugarsync or Dropbox
    1. if you use Sugarsync you need to type in your Sugarsync username and password
  11. Type in a foldername (e.g. "files").
    1. For Dropbox users this folder will be a subfolder of "joomla". You don't need to create "joomla" it will be created automaticaly
    2. Sugarsync users can use every folder in their account
  12. Click to "Save" - to save your joomla-box
  13. Click to "Parameters" to set up the configuration
  14. Click to the "Connect" link in the "Action"-Column
    If you use Dropbox:
    1. you will be redirected to the Dropbox Website, and it asks you if you would like to connect "Joomla Component" to Dropbox
    2. Click to "Allow"
    3. You will be redirected back to your own webpage, and a folder "joomla" is created in your Dropbox. Don't mind the error!
    4. Navigate to your Dropbox and go into the joomla directory
  15. Create the directory, your choose in step 11 (e.g. "files") (For Dropbox users this directory has to be a subdirectory of the "joomla" directory).
  16. Put files into this directory
  17. Go back to Joomla, and reload the page. Your files should be visible now.
    Dropbox connected to Joomla
  18. You can access the Box in Joomla via index.php?option=com_dropbox&id=3 , replace the 'id=' parameter with your Joomla-Box-ID. You will find it under Components->Dropbox. Or you can create a menu to your Joomla-Box
  19. If you like to use the plugin navigate to Extensions->Install / Uninstall and install the file
  20. Navigate to Extensions -> Plugin Manager and activate the Dropbox Plugin
  21. Now you can add in every content: {dropbox}xx{/dropbox} replace xx with with your Joomla-Dropbox-ID. You will find it under Components->Dropbox