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Install Instructions for DOCman payperdownload Print E-mail
  1. Install DOCman 1.5
  2. download
  3. unpack
  4. copy all the content of via FTP to components/com_docman/themes on your webserver
  5. install with the Joomla-Plugin-Installer
  6. backup the file administrator/components/com_docman/docman.params.xml on your webserver
  7. copy docman.params.xml out of to administrator/components/com_docman/
  8. navigate to Extensions->Plugin Manager and click on payperdownload
  9. activate the plugin, configure it and save it
  10. click on DOCman Standard Buttons and set Show Download to No
  11. navigate to Components->DOCman->Themes ans set payperdownload as the default Theme
  12. navigate to your DOCman Documents, you like to be payed for
  13. click to Details and insert the price and the tax (use "." as decimal point) as taxes you can use the real value like "4" for 4EUR or the percentage like "19%"
  14. You are ready to earn money! On the frontpage you see the price and a "Pay" Button
  15. If you are testing with the sandbox you are able to switch between receiving "pending" and "completed" payments in the developer settings. See: payment_status value in Paypal Sandbox always pending
Bulgarian translation (extern)
español: instrucciones de instalación (extern)
Italiano: istruzioni per l’installazione (extern)

payment_status value in Paypal Sandbox always pending